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Shoulder pain treatment advice

Golfers often suffer from unspecified shoulder pain. With the forces involved in the golf swing, it is hardly surprising that players develop shoulder pain from time to time.

A look at the structure of this joint shows that is held together by a combination of tendons and muscles, all working to allow a huge range of motion for the arm. This is great when you want to swing a club, but unfortunately, all of this mobility has its price. Swinging hard can lead to problems with instability or impingement of soft tissue resulting in shoulder pain.

Given the complicated structure of this area, there could be several causes, including Tendonitis/bursitis, Injury/instability, and Arthritis.

Tendonitis: This is usually the result of gradual wear and tear over a period of years. Acute tendonitis typically results from overuse, and is common among golfers. Chronic tendonitis is the result of degenerative disease or repetitive wear and tear due to age. Rotator cuff injuries are among the most common of these disorders.

Bursitis: Excessive use of the shoulder can irritate bursa (fluid-filled sacs that reduce friction around the joint). Bursitis often occurs in conjunction with rotator cuff injuries.

Injury/Instability: These injuries often occur as the result of a fall, and can involve the bones in the joint being forced out of their normal position.

Arthritis: Most arthritis involves wear and tear, which provokes inflammation of the joint, swelling, stiffness and pain.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor or a sports injury specialist to get a proper diagnosis and course of treatment.




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