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Trigger finger injury information

A common problem, Trigger Finger causes pain and snapping of the tendons in the fingers. The cause of trigger finger is often unclear, seemingly appearing from nowhere, in one or more fingers at different times.

Trigger finger occurs when the tendon cannot travel smoothly through the sheath due to localized swelling. At first you'll experience a snapping of the finger when you open a fist, but as it worsens you may find that you need to use force to straighten it out, or indeed that it may not straighten out at all.

The most common treatment for this problem is an injection of steroids (cortisone injection) into the flexor tendon sheath. This is designed to decrease swelling in the tendon, and thus restore normal movement through the sheath.

In about 50% of cases, this single shot is sufficient to resolve the problem however, it may be necessary to have multiple shots to produce the desired effect. If this is still not successful, surgery is the final option.

Why do golfers get this condition? It's not clear, but it is likely due to over-gripping the club, creating tension in the forearm and the tendons. Solutions therfroe tend to focus on the grip, and include:

Wearing a padded glove on the more susceptible left hand.
Replace club handle grips as needed, and consider using larger or softer grips
Reduce your grip pressure on the club
Rotate the left hand counterclockwise to avoid the over strong grip position




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