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Starting a diet

How do you know the best way of starting a diet? When you've decided to get on with it, with so much conflicting information out there, it can be daunting trying to figure out where to begin. If you're looking for lasting results, starting a diet means gathering as much information as you can. When starting a diet plan, you should have a clear, informed idea of your current health and fitness situation, and a realistic plan with attainable goals.

Before starting a diet itself, visit health professionals like your doctor or personal trainer. They can give you an informed idea of your health and fitness levels. From this information you can set yourself specific goals. Instead of having a vague idea that you want to lose weight, you'll learn that your body fat percentage is ten percent above normal, and decide that you want to get it down to average level. Instead of thinking that you'd like to be fitter, you can decide to increase your upper body strength. Since these goals are specific, you'll work in a way that's geared to you and will bring recognizable results.

Next, learn how your body processes food, and how the various things we eat can affect this system. Dieting for lasting results is about making informed changes to the way you eat that can comfortably become part of your lifestyle. If you understand how your body converts food into energy, you will want to eat in a way that optimises that process. If you understand what various foods can do for you, dieting won't be about denial, it will be about giving your body what you know it needs.

Lastly, organize a support system and create prearranged goals at various stages that come with specific rewards. If you are operating within a plan with incentives in place and a network of people to help keep you on track, you will find the process more focused and therefore more satisfying and enjoyable.




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