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The Human Body

Understanding the human body is a complex subject that scientists have spent years researching. At thefitmap.co.uk, we know that one of the important parts about becoming fit is learning more about the human body and how it works when you place pressures and stresses on certain components during exercise.

We decided that to really help you understand more about fitness in relation to the human body, we'd make available the type of information that you really need, in plain English. No more wading through vast scientific papers (unless you want to), just simple English explanantions of what's happening and why.

So whether you want to investigate cardiovascular fitness and how this relates to you working out, or about the digestive system and how that relates to what your eating, then we've tried to cover it all.

In essence, our belief is that if you understand your body, how it works and what makes you tick, then hopefully when you start training and trying to improve your fitness, you will have a better understanding of the effects on your body of certain actions.

There is such a vast aray of information on medical issues that we can't possibly hope to cover all the bases - we're also not doctors. But for a general grounding why not let thefitmap.co.uk become your guide to make you understand a little more about what makes you work.




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