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Ice packs information

When you need instant cooling, ice packs are the way to go. Acute injuries are typically characterized by an inflammatory reaction during the first 48 - 72 hours - it is in this period that ice packs are the treatment of choice.

Ice packs come in two main types - those which require freezing first, and those that use a chemical reaction to instantly make them cold.

Ice packs are suitable for all sorts of injuries, from bumps and bruises to sprains and strains. If you are likely to have to deal with larger contusions, or injuries to bigger joints such as the shoulder, thigh, back and calf, you will need some larger ice packs in your bag.

Some of the products available include:

Deep Freeze Cold Patch: This is designed for instant treatment of sports injuries, and doesn't require a fridge or freezer. You simply peel the Deep Freeze Cold Patch from its backing sheet and apply it directly to the skin. As it is a flexible adhesive cloth, it can be stretched over joints or awkward areas.

Instant Ice Pack: A mouldable pack that is activated by squeezing an internal compartment - this starts a chemical reaction that instantly makes the pack cold. Ideal for a range of outdoor activities where you don't have access to ice or a freezer.

Reusable Hot/Cold Gel: A versatile mouldable gel that can be used either as a therapeutic cold pack or hot pack. Simply cool in a freezer or warm in hot water or a microwave. Can be used again and again.




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