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Resistance tubes for rehab

Originally manufactured for medical purposes, resistance tubes are made in different diameters, and typically have handles at each end. The handles are normally a loop of webbing threaded through a plastic hand grip, though some more expensive resistance tubes have a foam covering over the hand grip.

Resistance tubes come in various strengths, with different manufacturers using different colors to signify the strengths of their products. As the colors can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it's better to look at the different levels:

LEVEL 1: Thin and with low resistance, good for the very unfit, the elderly, and women who are pre or post natal.

LEVEL 2: Good for females of average fitness, or elderly people who are in reasonable condition. Widely used in exercise classes.

LEVEL 3: These are good for men with average fitness and regular female exercisers. Exercise classes will usually have some Level 3 tubes available.

LEVEL 4: As there is typically a big jump in resistance between Level 3 and level 4. Level 4 are for serious male and female sports participants.

These are an effective fitness tool that can be used almost anywhere, making them ideal for home workouts or those who travel regularly.




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