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Quadriceps stretch advice

While you may not recognise the name quadriceps stretch, you'll surely recognise the image of a group of runners or athletes standing on one leg, grasping the other behind them, and hopping around trying to stay balanced.

Unlike other areas, the quadriceps stretch accesses an area that is not subject to a great deal of flexibility work. Nonetheless, regularly performing the quadriceps stretch will help to keep this area injury free.

The correct way to perform the quadriceps stretch is as follows:

  • Stand tall, holding onto a wall for support if needed.
  • Bend your knee up behind you and grasp your foot, pulling your heel against your butt.
  • Without leaning forward, hold for 30 seconds.
  • Relax, then repeat with the other leg.

As with all static flexibility movements, this should be performed not as part of your warm-up, but rather after your exercise, as part of the cool-down.

And if you are one of those people who hops around when doing this? There's a simple technique that can help you to focus and stay still - gently touch your index finger to your belly button. It will help you focus and should enable you to stand still.




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