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Back stretches to prevent injury

There's probably a good back stretch for every day of the week - this is an area that is often tight, and frequently causes pain and problems.

The benefits of a good back stretch are huge - if you are already in pain, it can reduce the symptoms, while for the lucky few without problems, it can help keep you that way!

With injuries and pain to this area costing more days of missed work than any other in the UK, this is a critical area to keep healthy. We'll look at a couple of different version of the simple back stretch.

These are both performed lying on the floor. Begin by simple bending your knees and hugging your shins to your chest. Hold this for 30 seconds, then relax and repeat.

A more advanced variation starts the same, but once you have lifted your bent legs, allow them to drop to one side, while simultaneously turning your head and torso in the opposite direction.

Allow your legs to rest gently on the floor while feeling the tightness, then slowly raise you legs. Relax, then drop your legs to the other side. Perform this twice for each side.




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