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Abdominal stretch information

While many people work to strengthen the core, abdominal stretches are often forgotten - yet this is just the same as any other area, not only do you need to strengthen it, you also need to work on your flexibility.

Performing the abdominal stretch will not only loosen up the muscles in your stomach, but also flex your back in a direction many people ignore during their flexibility routines. While there are lots of movements to bend the back, few work to flex it.

The abdominal stretch is an easy one to do, and is actually a very natural movement, similar to what a cat does when it wakes up.

The starting position is on the floor, face down. Place the hands beneath the shoulders, then gently push the head and shoulders up with the arms.

Be sure to keep the pelvis on the ground throughout the movement, and look ahead, rather than upwards, so that your neck remains in a comfortable position.

Hold the stretch for 30 to 45 seconds, relax and repeat. You should feel this in the front of the stomach, and also in your lower back.




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