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Review of Curves gyms

Review of Curves gyms

curves gyms

Read our review of Curves gyms, a chain of Ladies only, weight loss and fitness centres. Curves Gyms opened in Harlingen, Texas in 1992 and a franchise model they have grown rapidly, with over 9,000 locations worldwide. They are famous for their 30 minute fitness plans.


Our visit and review of Curves gyms and fitness centres can reveal a supportive, friendly environment and a workout programme (dubbed '30 minute fitness') that allows you to get a complete aerobic and strength training workout in just 30 minutes.

They listened to women to find out what they wanted from a fitness center, and what their concerns were about exercising, mainly :

  • Lack of time - many women have trouble fitting a long workout into their busy schedule
  • Privacy - women are often uncomfortable working out around men

What do you get?

Their 30 minute fitness programme is built around easy-to-learn hydraulic resistance machines, designed specially for women. The machines provide steady resistance and allow you to keep moving smoothly and safely around the circuit. And because the machines adjust to your ability, women of any age can use them.

Women choose Curves as the for the workouts and for the privacy they get from a female only environment.


Facilities & Equipment

Every fitness centre has slightly different facilities but as they focus on their 30 minute fitness workout, they all have the following :

  • 30 minute fitness program
  • Ladies only facilities
  • Nutritional advice

Women who join the Curves gyms say that the workouts are fun - and the sense of support they feel makes them different from any other health club they may have visited in the past.

Added Value

First off their ladies only facilities to give you reassurance when working out. Secondly, their 30 minute fitness system is a complete workout including all five necessary components :

  • Warm-up
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Strength training
  • Cool down
  • Stretching


As usual there are a number of ways to contact the gym team :

Click here for gym memberships

Club locator freephone : 0800 130 0544

Corporate office : 01202 650 316



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