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Beginner's Guide

Choosing a fitness centre

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Choosing a fitness centre is like any other financial decision - it pays to do your research before you sign a contract. Fortunately, we can help you in choosing a centre. Follow our simple check list and choosing a centre can be a simple, painless experience.

There are a number of factors to consider before making your decision. Take a look at each then figure out which are most important to you:

  • Location - For you to use a club regularly it needs to be close to either your home or your work. Figuring out when you are most likely to work out (mornings, lunchtimes, evenings, weekends) will help you decide which will work best for you.

  • Activities, equipment, facilities - What type of workouts do you want to do? Free-weights in the gym, exercise classes, lap swimming, 5-a-side? Do you want to shower and get changed at the gym? Do you need childcare facilities? Figuring out exactly how you want to use the gym will help you decide what type of gym you want.

  • Staff qualifications - Any staff teaching or offering personal training should be trained and certified.

  • Level of supervision - Do you need help regularly, or are you the kind of person whom prefers to go it alone?

  • Image/Atmosphere - Clubs vary widely. Do you want somewhere quiet, or a heavy-duty body builders' hang-out, or maybe a fashionable gym with a thriving social scene?

  • Fees - Unfortunately this is usually the first thing people look at, but in truth it's better to pay a little more for a gym that's exactly what you need, rather than go for the cheapest choice and never use it. Still, price is important, with monthly fees running anywhere from ?15 - ?100+ pounds per month.



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