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A-Z guide of gym jargon

Want to know the language of the gym? Our handy A-Z of gym jargon will get you started.

When people start working out, they not only have to get used to a new gym or health club, they also have to learn a whole new language - gym jargon. Our easy A-Z of gym jargon will help you learn to talk the talk, even if it will be awhile before you can walk the walk of a gym rat!

Aerobic training: Steady paced training which requires plenty of oxygen. It increases your heart rate and strengthens the heart and lungs. Examples include running, swimming, cycling, or using indoor machines such as rowers, steppers, cross trainers etc. Also known as Cardiovascular training, or Cardio.

Anaerobic training: Fast paced training which quickly exhausts the supply of oxygen. Quick explosive movements such as sprinting. (See also Intervals)

Agility: The ability to move the limbs quickly and easily - requires speed, strength and flexibility.

Cardiovascular Training (Cardio): See Aerobic Training

Cool Down: Easy training or stretching at the end of a workout which allows your heart rate to gradually slow down and waste products (e.g. Lactic Acid) to be removed from the muscles.

Core Training: Training which involves working the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. Essential for almost all sports and activities.

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