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Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls

Considering an alternative road to health through sound healing? As holistic and alternative health therapies become increasingly widely recognized, many people are branching out their health practices to include sound healing with Tibetan bowls.

If you've never heard of sound healing with Tibetan bowls, it's the practice of using note vibrations made from striking traditional Tibetan bowls to heal the body.

But does sound healing with Tibetan bowls really work? And if so, what conditions can benefit from this therapy?

Proponents of sound healing with Tibetan bowls swear that this practice can cure any number of ailments, most notably tension, depression, and addiction as well as speeding the healing process for wounds, injuries and post operative patients. Some practitioners even claim that the vibrations can ease the suffering of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Practitioners claim that the musical frequencies and vibrations of the bowls synchronize with your brain's own vibrations and frequencies to promote healing. While there is some evidence that sound vibrations alter the way the body responds to healing, this procedure's true value lies in its ability to create a relaxed state in the patient. Relaxation and stress relief are known ways to fast track healing of all kinds.

A typical session sees you lying on your back on a mat while the practitioner rhythmically strikes bowls that are situated at different points around your body that generally correspond to chakras. There may also be some visualization exercises or guided conversational exchanges.

Most practitioners recommend coming once a week for a month in order to change existing patterns in how your relate to your body and noise vibration. After that, visits may become bi-weekly.

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, contact a holistic healing centre near you.



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