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Leisure opportunities

Everyone knows how and where to find the best leisure opportunities and fitness jobs, right? Pick up the paper and check classifieds and if you see anything you like, you apply.

Guess what? If you stick to this traditional approach you are dramatically reducing your chances of finding the right leisure opportunities regardless of the way you do it.

Why not use our fitness jobs channel to get some new ideas on how to track down the exact jobs that you are qualified for and want to do.

Sure, the simplest ways to look for leisure opportunities are to prepare your CV, check newspaper ads and visit local agencies. But research has shown that adopting some of the following strategies will dramatically increase your prospects:

  • The Internet - this is one of the best alternative methods. You can search job-finder sites, post your resume for prospective employers, even set up your own website.

  • Search the ads in professional or trade journals appropriate to your field Look at both national and also local newspaper ads - you may be surprised what is available locally.

  • Visit private employment agencies or search firms not only locally, but also in areas where you might be willing to relocate.

  • Visit employment fairs or other places where employers come to find employees.

  • Ask a former teacher or university professor for prospective contacts.

  • Visit your local Job Centre. They have a searchable database of both local and national opportunities.

  • Ask family, friends, or other professionals you know.

  • Visit any employer, factory, or office that interests you, whether they are known to have a vacancy or not.

  • Use the Yellow Pages to identify fields that interest you, then call employers in those fields to see if they're hiring.



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