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Beauty therapist jobs

If personal style and glamour is what you're about, the job of a Beauty Therapist may be for you. Personal beautification involves a wide variety of treatments and it is the job of a Beauty Therapist to provide these services to their clientele.

If you are considering a position in this field, you will first need to know what is involved in the job of a Beauty Therapist. It is the purpose of this career profile to help answer your questions concerning this role and to help uncover what the job of a Beauty Therapist is all about.

Beauticians are the true "Jack-of-all-trades" within the personal style industry and there are a variety of locations in which a beautician can find work. While most often employed in salons, an individual in this role can also work for hotel chains, in the personal beauty sections of department stores, in health clinics, fitness facilities and health farms. If you are interested in travel, beauticians can also often find work on cruise ships offering treatments to those on holiday. However, a beautician can also work on a more localized scale. A personal beauty specialist can service clients from their own home, or can even visit the houses of their clients.

A beautician must be friendly and customer-oriented. For a large portion of the day, the individual in this role will need to be on their feet so a level of personal fitness and stamina is required. Attention to detail and an artistic flare for fashion and style are also valued qualities to possess. Knowledge of basic human anatomy and physicality is also essential. Above all, a beautician must be able to communicate well with clients in order to provide a highly professional service thus securing a loyal and satisfied clientele. Such qualities will allow for advancement and individual growth within the field of personal fashion and style.

So as to quickly locate a position in this field, you may want to look through the listings in local newspapers. Alternately, you can conduct internet searches by visiting the websites of several personal style organizations for vacancy postings. Some more general, yet highly helpful sites include www.leisurejobs.com, and www.la-sourcejobs.com . Make sure you visit these sources regularly so as to keep on top of positions as they become available!

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