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Discover beauty jobs & careers with gyms, spas and beauty salons across the UK. If you are after health and beauty careers, you presumably know what's involved? If you are interested in becoming employed in this fast growing industry, then let thefitmap.co.uk fill you in on what's expected for beauty jobs that we offer.

Given the diverse nature of beauty jobs the roles, unsurprisingly, require completely different qualifications and backgrounds.

For those already employed or working with health & beauty careers, beauty training and the almost constant updating of skill sets is essential.

So what do you need to know to become employed in the beauty and spa industries? What qualifications are recommended and how do you gain such training?

For some, such as the General Stylist, Hair Stylist or Salon Management roles, there are legitimate college and university degrees that you can take to become qualified.

Other more alternative therapies, such as the position of an Electrotherapist, Nail Technicians and Holistic Therapists will require specialist courses or private apprenticeships.

More general roles such as that of a Front of House for a salon will require reception training and knowledge of clerical duties. Business organization and customer service skills should also be an asset. For the most part, on-the-job training and job shadowing will often provide the individual with all they need to know in order to successfully fulfill their role in the company.

The more you learn about the employment opportunities that best utilize your skills and interests, the closer you'll be to a truly satisfying occupational path! Seek out the courses you will need to become qualified and start preparing for your new career in personal fashion, health and wellness!

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