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Male impotence

An affliction that many men are scared to talk about, male impotence treatments are now well documented and - in 99% of cases, male impotence is very treatable.

Erectile dysfunction, the more medical term for male impotence, is when a penis is not able to attain or maintain an erection long enough to have intercourse. This can effect men of almost any age although it does become more likely in older men. Statistics also suggest that as many as one in ten men in the UK may suffer at some time from this condition.

Reality says that many problems that surround male impotence are due to the way it is handled. Suffering in silence may pre-empt a vicious cycle of events in that the more they worry, the less likely still they are likely to have an erection.

Brewer's Droop

A slang term often bandied about the pub. Many people, especially those who drink excessive amounts of alcohol may suffer a temporary loss of ability to maintain an erection. Being over stressed or over tired is also a common trigger for temporary loss, but brewer's droop describes the alcohol version perfectly.

Science shows that for those that can't maintain an erection, the problem is due to reduced blood flow to the penis thanks to a narrowing of the blood vessels. High blood pressure and diabetes are common causes for this.

Worrying about this loss of performance often makes matters worse and impotence may well be a symptom of underlying depression or anxiety.

If you undertake activities that may have a negative effect on your health (excessive alcohol, no exercise, stress, no sleep) then this will be something for you to concentrate on in order to help you return yourself to a state of general wellbeing. This may also effect whether you are still impotent too.

Finally, a quick visit to your doctor should also be a key step. He/She will be able to offer you some simple advice and may even be able to isolate underlying problems affecting your impotency. For example diabetes, high blood pressure or excessive stress.

There are a range of impotence treatments available ranging from surgical implants to vacuum pump devices that can help provide the penis with enough blood. Of course there is always the magic blue pill, Viagra, that is known the world over.



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