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Flu treatments

Across the UK every year there are hundreds of deaths that are attributed to flu. As a results, the search for flu treatments ramps up every October time before the onset of the winter months.

In fact the simplest flu treatments are actually very simple remedies and lots of bed rest. Regardless of your health or age, the Flu virus must not be taken lightly. Whilst the elderly and the very young are at increased risk, everyone can suffer if they do not respect this killer.

After many years of research, there is still no cure for this virus and only temporary vaccinations are available - having been developed to boost your immune system with the particular strains in vogue that year! Contact your local GP for details.

Did you know that whilst the common cold and flu are caused by viruses, the viruses are very different in nature. The symptoms of a cold typically include blocked or running noses, sore or scratchy throats and a cough.

In contrast flu symptoms often develop suddenly following high fevers (above 101F) and shivers with severe muscle aches and pains. In halthy people, both the flu and common colds tend to stick around for about 5 or 6 days only. Antibiotics are ineffective against the Flu virus.

Treating symptoms :

  • Use Paracetamol to treat the symptoms of high fever and aching muscles.
  • Use a Linctus to help soothe coughs or hot sweet fruit drinks such as honey and lemon
  • Increase fluid intake to counteract sweating and fluid loss caused by the virus.
  • Keep eating healthily and increase Vitamin C intake
  • Do not go into smoky environments - the smoke will aggravate your symptoms



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