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Children's fitness training

This has previously been a controversial issue, but Children's fitness training and set exercise plans, when handled by professionals, can increase activity and fitness in small measures.

While some argue that working with a coach can help motivate a child to work off excess weight, others argue that it may not be safe. These days, most opposition to children's fitness training is from those who don't see it as appropriate, rather than people armed with research against it.

Children's fitness training is certainly a huge growth area in America, with more and more children's workout facilities opening both for those who need to lose weight, and also those who wish to work out for a specific sport.

This is certainly not a new argument. For years, doctors believed that lifting weights at a young age was not a good idea and indeed could impair growth. However, recent studies have disproved that idea, and now youngsters working with weights, if done right, is even recommended. The key when training children is to focus on proper form, use light weights, and go for higher repetitions, say 12 to 20 reps. Remember, bulking up is not the goal when working with kids. As for what age to start, experts say that you can start as young as 6-years-old, as long as you use the right technique and the sessions are supervised.

When looking for someone to work with a kid, you want a certified person who makes it fun, and doesn't focus on weight loss. What you're looking for is to instill a lifelong appreciation for exercise. The YMCA offers a Level 2 Certificate in Instructing for kids that focuses on the skeleton & joints, muscular system, cardiovascular system, health and safety, session planning, and nutrition. Working with an instructor who has a certification such as this will ensure that the workouts are safe, appropriate, and fun, exactly what you need to create a lifetime love of exercise.



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