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NLP therapy

What makes NLP therapy different from other therapeutic approaches? Perhaps the biggest difference is that NLP Therapy is often very short-term and goal-oriented, directed very clearly towards solving particular problems.

Goals can include growth and change in a person's mental, behavioural, emotional or spiritual well-being.

NLP therapy combines a number of different approaches. It takes the basic solutions-oriented approach of Neuro-linguistic programming, and combines it with the best of cognitive and behavioural therapy to produce a powerful and effective model for change and growth.

By emphasizing the development of and communication between the conscious and unconscious minds it allows people to use their own resources to find solutions.

It can be used to treat a range of different areas including relationship issues, addictions, fear, depression and anxiety.

Therapists work with clients to help them identify their desired state - that is, what are their goals and dreams? They can then look at beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are limiting a patient's success, or preventing them from reaching a desired state.

By helping people to understand their beliefs and behaviours, and the effects these have, you can open up a range of different choices foe people, allowing them to gain independence and share in their own progress.

Unlike many therapies that focus on the past, the emphasis here is on how you create how you are today from your experiences, both past and present.




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