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How does NLP persuasion work? NLP persuasion uses a variety of techniques such as language patterns, anchoring, metaphor, therapeutic trance, explicit verbal language and reframing.

NLP persuasion has numerous applications, including business (sales, marketing, management), therapy, or personal change.

Many people have reservations about techniques about techniques such as this, feeling it is in some way manipulative, but the reality is that each of us influences others through our behaviour - the choice is whether that influence is positive or negative, and whether you choose to be an active participant in this process or simply let it occur.

We influence people through our language and choice of words, but we also do so through our body language and the vibes we give off. This non-verbal communication is incredibly powerful and is an integral part of all our interactions.

The reality is that for most of us, a lot of our communication with others is mindless - that is, we say or do things with little thought for the way they will be received. What Neuro-linguistic programming teaches is that by choosing our words more carefully, we can be far more effective in actually communicating what we intended.

As with any communication, our intention can be either positive, designed to bring about a moral, benevolent, productive change in the recipient, or manipulate, with a goal of abusing, harming, or profiting from another person.




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