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Yoga therapist jobs & careers

Using physical and mental techniques, yoga therapists promote the body's own natural healing resources. They adapt the traditional movements and postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for use on patients with a range of medical conditions.

Yoga therapists are in increasing demand as people within the medical profession become more aware of the benefits of this type of treatment. However, opportunities will vary widely based on local demand and your ability to promote and build a business.

This will depend on a number of factors including your training and certification, and, of course, successful diagnosis and treatment. This is a very personal form of treatment, and a yoga therapist's reputation and success will be based upon word of mouth recommendations from satisfied clients.

There are opportunities for work in medical practices, hospitals, clinics, holistic health centres, health clubs, and special needs centres. Some practitioners also combine regular teaching with their practice.

Most practitioners are self-employed, so earnings vary considerably. They are usually paid on a sessional or hourly rate, typically from ?20 to ?60 an hour. Those in full time employment can look to earn ?11,000 a year as a new practitioner, rising to ?27,000 a year with experience.

For more information on all aspects of training, certification and employment, contact the following:

  • Yoga Biomedical Trust (YBT)
  • The Life Centre (LC)



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