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Martial arts instructor jobs & career

Working with adults and children, martial arts instructors teach the skills they need to participate safely and enjoy a variety of martial arts. This involves demonstrating techniques to students, breaking them down into simple moves, and explaining the principles behind them.

Martial arts instructors are also fully responsible for the health and safety of students, and for teaching them safe training and sparring habits. Most martial arts instructors are self-employed and thus need to promote themselves and their businesses. Good training, recognized qualifications, and a good reputation are the keys to success in this field.

Other possibilities include working with the police, the armed forces, or with security companies. Once you are established, it is even possible to set up and run your own school or association. This would require a senior instructor award and several years' teaching experience. You would need to contact the governing body for your particular discipline to learn more about how to do this.

Earnings are hard to assess, as it will depend on how many classes you teach, but the usual rate is around ?5 per hour. For more information on training, certification and employment possibilities, contact the following:

  • SkillsActive
  • sports coach UK
  • British Judo Association
  • British Ju-Jitsu Association GB
  • Amateur Martial Association
  • Karate England

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