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Canadian home fitness test


Developed in the early 1980s, the Canadian Home Fitness Test gives a rough estimate of overall conditioning.

What is the point?

Designed to be performed at home with minimal equipment, the Canadian Home Fitness Test measures general aerobic fitness. It was designed to help people become more aware of fitness, and to enable members of the general public to complete a quick and easy home assessment.

What do you need?

  • Step of approximately 8 inches (20 cm)
  • Tape or CD of test protocol
  • Stopwatch
How do you do the test?

  • Warm up with three minutes of easy stepping
  • Step up and down a double step following the instructions and stepping rhythm of the tape/CD.
  • This is a six pace step cycle: one foot on the middle step, two on the top step, one on the middle step, and both feet on the ground.

What results you'll get :

By comparing your results from several tests over a period of time, you can measure the progress of your fitness training.

A simple categorization of results is offered based on the number of test stages completed, and your pulse count between 5 - 15 seconds after the final test stage.

What is being measured again?

This is a basic measure of general aerobic conditioning.




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