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Learning hypnosis

What are the best ways of learning hypnosis? There are lots of options, but some will clearly work better than others - we look at each and suggest the best ways of learning hypnosis.

For many people these days the first option for learning hypnosis, or indeed any new skill, is via the internet. There are plenty of distance and e-courses available, but before you lay out any money you have to be sure that the seller has a good reputation. Alternatively, there are books and CDs that will teach you this valuable skill.

However, the question with all of these is whether this is really the best way to acquire a skill such as this. If you simply want to practice it yourself in order to deal with a particular issue (e.g. weight loss, stopping smoking) then a book, CD, or e-course will probably be sufficient.

If, on the other hand, you want to truly understand the process, what it feels like, what it can achieve, and most importantly, how to hypnotize others, then the only way to do so is on a high-quality, recognised, hands-on training course.

Courses of this type will introduce you to the history and background, the theory, and finally allow you to experience practical applications. Only once you have been hypnotized yourself, and watched others being hypnotized, will you truly understand the fantastic possibilities that this skill has to offer.




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