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The marriage of chiropractic and neurological care might seem to be a strange one at first, but in fact chiropractic neurology combines the traditional biomechanical aspects of chiropractic care with the latest techniques in the assessment and rehabilitation of the central nervous system.

While most people are aware of the effectiveness of chiropractic care for those with back and neck pain, few think of the implications of this on the central nervous system.

The neurological chiropractor, however, has a detailed knowledge of both the physiology and pathology of the neurological system, and understands how manipulation of the spinal area can affect the central nervous system and our various senses.

As with all forms of chiropractic care, this is a gentle and non-invasive option, and provides a viable alternative for those whose symptoms have proved unresponsive to traditional western medicine, or who prefer to avoid drugs or surgery.

Examples of disorders that have responded well to this treatment include:

  • Post-stroke issues
  • Vertigo
  • Dystonia
  • Learning disorders
  • Pain syndromes

In fact, it is typical for patients to present with a range of symptoms, involving the limbic (emotional), sensorimotor and cognitive systems. This is hardly surprising as all of these systems work together, feeding into and off of one another.

What is different about this particular branch of chiropractic when compared with most western medicine, is that it is works holistically, aiming to help the patient to achieve a well integrated body and a well integrated brain.




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