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GI complaints

How can chiropractic treatment address GI complaints? It's a good question, but the answer becomes evident when you look at the bigger picture of how chiropractic care works.

Although chiropractic care does not deal specifically in issues like GI complaints, it does aim to restore balance to the whole body.

Chiropractors believe that if our musculoskeletal system is out of alignment it can have profound effects on our overall health. They thus work with patients to diagnose and correct any physical misalignments to the musculoskeletal system - typically this involves spinal manipulation.

What is interesting about the human body is that often problems present with symptoms that appear to be completely unrelated to the actual cause. Thus symptoms as diverse as GI complaints, frequent illness, lethargy, depression, or pain can be due to a whole range of different causes.

Chiropractic care, because it works holistically, treating the whole body, can thus have positive effects far beyond the simple reduction of pain in a particular joint.

The problems that we encounter can arise from a variety of sources - lack of exercise, poor diet, illness, the daily stresses of life - so it makes sense that we treat them with a variety of modalities.

Thus while chiropractic can provide relief for a variety of symptoms, for it to be truly effective, we also need to look at the overall shape of our lives - the exercise we take, the food we eat, the stresses we have.

When we combine sympathetic care with daily practices that are beneficial to our body, we will see a clear and consistent improvement in our health.




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