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What is a chiropractor?

Have you ever wondered what is a chiropractor? Although many people are familiar with the name, many actually don't know what is a chiropractor.

The simple answer is that they are practitioners who are trained to diagnose and treat problems with joints, bones and muscles. Although they work on all areas of the body, they primarily concentrate on the spine, because of the key role it plays in all our movements.

As with all medical practitioners, they will first take the patient's history, then complete an examination. Only then will they be able to begin treatment. This is a very hands on practice, involving no drugs or surgery, so treatment involves the practitioner making controlled physical adjustments (known as manipulations) of your body's joints and spinal alignment.

This is believed to improve the efficiency of the nervous system, and also help the body to release the natural healing chemicals.

Although many in the traditional western medical community doubt the effectiveness of this form of treatment, there is a growing body of research-based evidence to support it.

While it was once only possible to get this form of treatment if you went privately, it is now possible to get referred by your GP - although this does depend where you live and the rules of your local primary care trust.

Despite these limitations, many people find this to be the most effective way to treat back and neck problems, and the symptoms associated with them.




What's a chiropractor?
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