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SLM Leisure

SLM Leisure was formed in 1987 to manage local authority leisure contracts and now run 39 centres with Banana FItness as their main brand.

Typical facilities include :

  • Banana Fitness Suite with 70 - 100 pieces of equipment
  • Swimming Pools - 25m main pool and separate teaching pool
  • Exercise Classes - Usually in purpose built, air-conditioned group exercise rooms with sprung floors
  • Sunbeds and spa treatments
  • Cr?che, Function Room, Bar & Caf?teria
  • Sauna
  • Squash Courts (some glass backed)
  • Sports Hall with Badminton Courts
  • Cafeteria and Meeting Rooms
They also offer a range of proprietary exercise programmes, called bXP, bPT and bGX.
  • "bXP" is a 'menu' style exercise programme designed to give you choice and variety in your workout. There are 8 different exercise experiences in the bXP programme - dash, punch, spin, swim, balance, cardio, strength & sports. Those new to exercise can get help choosing the right programme, while if you exercise regularly you are free to choose your own programme.

  • "bPT" is a half hour, one-on-one, session with a personal trainer. This will allow you to focus on any specific exercise needs you have. This costs just ?10 and is available to everyone. Many people use the occasional bPT session to check in on their progress and set new goals.

  • "bGX" workouts are fun group sessions. There's usually a range of exciting classes including Body Pump, Body Combat & Body Balance.



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