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DC Leisure fitness centres

OPerated by DC Leisure Management, DC Leisure fitness centres number 118 facilities for 30 local authorities throughout the UK. Their health club brand is called Kinetika Gyms, and they offer a variety of programmes for all levels of exercisers.

The Kinetika journey includes the following programmes free to Kinetika members :

  • For first time exercisers they offer the support to enable you to enjoy fitness at your own pace and achieve your goals.
  • Those returning to exercise after a break are offered a structured programme to help you regain confidence in exercise and enjoy the benefits.
  • Regular exercisers will find additional coaching designed to help improve technique, motivation and achievement levels.
  • All gyms offer a range of programmes and classes including Ab Attack, Back-fit, Ski-fit and Core-fit.
If you need motivation, have time constraints, need nutrition or lifestyle information, or simply aren't getting the results you want, then certified Personal Trainers are available 7 days a week to help you better meet your needs.



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