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Types of diet

With so many types of diet out there, do you know what they all do and how they work?

Some will nto be right for you - and there as many weight loss methods as there are people who want to lose weight. From low fat diets to high protein diets, how do you know which of these weight loss methods works best?

In fact, the secret to effective and long term slimming is doing some research and identifying for yourself the types of diet and weight loss methods that fit comfortably into your lifestyle. While most weight loss methods centre around the basic principle of taking in fewer calories than you burn in a day, there are different ways of achieving this, and you should pick the one best suited to you.

Make an appointment to speak to your doctor. They can confirm for you that you do need to lose weight, and can usually tell you approximately how much weight is safe to lose. They can also often suggest an appropriate plan for you to try. The good thing about this is that your doctor will always recommend a plan that ensures you get all your vitamins and minerals, and doesn't pose a health threat.

Alternately, there are slimming clubs you can join, where an eating plan is set out for you, and you receive guidance and support from club advisors. If you are considering a slimming club, always make sure to check out its credentials. If you're unsure about its health merits, or the backgrounds of its leaders, it's a good idea to run it by your doctor.

There are also slimming magazines which offer slimming methods you can try. These are often accompanied by success stories of slimmers who've used them. Again, make sure you look to see if the magazine is backed up by professional opinion from doctors or nutritionists.

Be wary of fad slimming plans, plans that require that you exclude or severely limit certain food groups or plans that promise unrealistic amounts of weight lost in a short period of time. These plans can do more damage than good. Some are simply fraudulent, some may provide initial results which don't actually last. Still others can actually harm you. If you are unsure, remember to ask your doctor




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