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Why diet - reasons for dieting

The drivers for dieting and diet clubs are everywhere, endorsed by celebrities, pushed by fitness gurus, featured in lifestyle magazines. But what are the reasons for dieting? What do you have to gain from going on a diet? How do you know if you should? There are many benefits and reasons for dieting that make the decision pay off, and go beyond the obvious result of improving your figure.

  1. You will be better nourished: When you go on a weight loss plan you don't just eat less, you change the way you eat. You need to eat in a nutritionally balanced way, so that your metabolism will work more efficiently at burning calories. Naturally, these vitamins and minerals will also result in improved health in every other respect. Your immune system will also be better equip to ward off illness.

  2. Your energy levels will increase: As your metabolism begins to work faster, there will be more energy available to you, simply because it's working more efficiently. Also, as you begin to loose weight, your body won't have to work as hard to run itself and to perform day to day activities. The excess energy will be available to you. You'll feel more energetic, which will probably lead to increased activity and will in turn lead to more weight loss.

  3. Your cardiovascular health will improve: The heavier you are, the harder your heart has to work to pump your blood around. As you loose weight, you take a lot of strain off your heart that may have otherwise lead to heart disease or heart attack.

  4. Your digestive tract will work better: Weight loss plans often promote an increase in your daily fibre intake. Fibre regulates your digestive tract and monitors bacteria levels.

  5. You will feel better about your body: This leads to increased confidence and self esteem.

As you can see, there's a lot to be gained from embarking on a weight loss plan. Just remember that if you are considering beginning a plan, be sure to consult your physician for advice and feedback.




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