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Benefits of green tea for your heart

New light has been cast on the benefits of green tea and the affect it can have on your health.

Whether it's the zero caffeine, or simply the high antioxidant properties of this simple tea, it has been popular in the Far East for thousands of years. The benefits of green tea are now proven to actually protect your health as confirmed by numerous research papers and trials.

According to the study, by the Institute Of Child Health, green tea contains a natural chemical which protects against the cell damage caused by heart attacks and strokes. The chemical, called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), one of the major chemical components of the tea, reduces the amount of cell death which can follow traumatic incidents like heart attacks and strokes.

Such irreversible damage is caused by a reduction in the amount of oxygen reaching the heart and brain. EGCG blocks the action of a harmful protein and speeds up the recovery of heart cells, which in turn alleviates damage to the organs.

Previous research into the health benefits of green tea has been focused on its antioxidant effects, which counter the cell damage caused by oxygen molecules.



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