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If you are an athlete who participates in endurance activities on a regular basis, Viper dehydration drink is the product for you.

The main goals that Viper helps you achieve are the prevention of dehydration symptoms and prevention of the onset of fatigue. When you are continuously being active, the body is going to start burning up critical stored muscle glycogen as well as sweating out electrolytes that are important in the contraction of muscle fibre tissue.

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By using Viper, you help to prevent both of these from occurring, thus helping to sustain performance for a longer period of time.

Additionally, one key factor that sets this product apart from the other sports beverages out on the market is that it contains 4.2 grams of high quality branched chain amino acids, which will work in the body to prevent the breakdown of precious muscle tissue. This is extremely important and one thing that unfortunately gets overlooked far too often by endurance athletes.

In order to get the best results from taking this product you should mix 1.5 scoops in about 500 ml of water and drink this over about 60 minutes before your workout is to begin.

Then, during the training session you should again mix about one scoop of the product with another 500 ml of water and drink this while performing your activity. Be sure not to drink too fast though or else muscle cramps could result.

Then, for maximal recovery after training, mix two scoops of the product in another 500 ml of water and drink this within fifteen to twenty minutes.

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