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Amino acids

Learn more about amino acids:

If you want to read about essential Amino acids or are interested to simply find out what people are talking about, then simply put amino acids are nutrients which are found in proteins.

There are 20 essential amino acids in all, and they are of particular importance in muscle building, increasing stamina, and recovering from fatigue.

The most important ones for athletes are the BCCAs - Branch Chain Amino Acids. BCAAs are considered essential because human beings cannot survive without them. BCAAs are needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue and appear to preserve muscle stores of glycogen. They also help prevent muscle protein breakdown during exercise.

While amino acids will be in plentiful supply in your body if you eat a balanced diet, an unbalanced diet or heavy workouts can lead to deficiencies. For good health and optimal performance, your diet should include a variety of foods including bread, cereal or rice, fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry or fish, and some dairy products.

During exercise your body depletes proteins. By replenishing them before or during activity, you can reduce muscle damage and preserve muscle strength. In addition, replenishing them immediately after activity helps to recover the damaged muscles and reduce symptoms such as muscle soreness. However, these essential proteins are not just for those looking to build muscles - they also have a key role to play for endurance athletes. Because they suppress the production of lactic acid, the principal fatigue-causing substance, they allow athletes to train longer and harder.




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