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Effects of multi vitamin supplements

Whether you're new to bodybuilding, or you've already settled into a nice routine, at one time or another you'll probably want to know the effects of multi vitamin supplements. There are lots of different types which have different focuses, but the effects of multi vitamin supplements in a nut shell are that they help you with weight gain, strength training and of course, muscle building.

To understand the specific effects of supplements, you have to learn about the different types available, and what they're meant to do. So what are the different types to choose from? And what can they tell us about the effects of supplements?

The different types that you're likely to come across in the body building world can be categorised into one of the following: Creatine, Whey Protein and Meal Replacement.

Creatine is made up of amino acids that are already present in our bodies and which are responsible for providing energy to your muscles for quick or sudden movements.

The effects of Creatine are weight gain, larger, more flexible muscles, increased strength in 'bursts' of energy and better performance over repetitions, particularly where there is no proper recovery time.

Whey Protein is the best quality, most highly digestible protein. Protein in muscles becomes diminished over the course of a heavy workout. Whey Protein contains essential amino acids which help to build and repair that muscle. Whey Protein also makes the immune system stronger.

Meal Replacements are basically nutritionally enhanced shakes or bars which contain the specific nutrients and calories required by a bodybuilding regime. You can take a meal replacement instead of a proper meal, or in addition to a balanced diet in order to be sure you're getting everything your body needs to provide for your own personal muscle growth rate.




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