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Creatine for endurance athletes

Creatine is the world's number one performance supplement, proven to help strength training athletes add muscle quicker. But can it also help endurance athletes to improve their performance? Read on for some surprising results.

While the advanatges of creatine use are well known for strength training athletes, there has been an ongoing debate about whehter it is of any use for endurance athletes.

The general theory has been that as creatine helps add muscle, it will actually be a detriment to endurance athletes, who are usually looking to be as light as possible.

However, the mechanism by which creatine seems to work is by enabling athletes to train harder - surely that will benefit anyone?

Until recently, research had been lacking on whether creatine could help endurnace athletes, but there has recently been some interesting research attempting to find any benefits for endurance athletes, and several have struck gold.

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