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Amino acids and weight loss

If you're overweight or clinically obese, then did you know you can use Amino acids in your fight to lose weight? Studies have proven that genetics play a role in how easy it is for a person to put on or shed pounds.

People who are obese don't necessarily eat more than people who aren't, or at least, not enough more to account for the difference in body size. Often, it comes down to the levels of chemicals you have present in your body that are responsible for burning or storing fat. Here's where the connection between amino acids and weight loss comes in. The connection between amino acids and weight loss means that you may be able to alter the genetically determined levels of various amino acids through supplements and therefore change the way your body deals with food.

When it comes to amino acids and weight loss, there are 3 particular supplements you should be looking for. L-Carnitine is responsible for transferring fat to cells for burning, in order to provide energy for the body. Increasing levels through supplements help burn more fat and will take away the feeling of mental and physical weakness that comes with trying to lose pounds. Tryptophan helps lessen the craving for carbohydrates which are often stored by the body as fat.

Lastly, Phenylalanine suppresses appetite by increasing the production of a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. Taken in supplement form, these substances can help change your chemical make up and therefore alter how much food your body craves, stores and burns for energy.




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