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Signs of protein deficiency

Whatever your sport and to whatever your level, if you're building muscle you should know the signs of protein deficiency.

If you don't take care to see that your intake is enough to properly see to the heightened requirements of a body actively involved in producing muscle, you could be at risk. Knowing the signs of protein deficiency means that you'll hopefully be able to spot this dangerous condition both in yourself and in friends or bodybuilding colleagues. There are two types of this illness, each with separate signs of protein deficiency to watch for. In both, the signs of protein deficiency are clear and recognizable.

The first kind is called Marasmus. This kind is a form of near starvation and is less common in the western world. It occurs most frequently in the third world in infants who are given diluted baby formula. The tell tale indicators of this kind of malnutrition are: Weight loss, fatigue and exhaustion, loss of natural fat stores (like the flesh around the bottom), muscle wastage, and susceptibility to illness and infection due to a poorly functioning immune system.

The other kind of this type of malnutrition is called Kwashiorkor. It is common in cases where the affected person has a diet that is very low in protein, but high in carbohydrates. The indicators include: muscle wastage, fluid retention, and the liver becoming enlarged and fatty.

In the western world, people most at risk for this dangerous condition are strict vegans and people suffering from anorexia or athletic anorexia.




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