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Marathons & energy bars

So you're gearing up to race, have you thought about what energy bars or nutrition bars you're going to be relying on? Whether it's the London Marathon or the tour de france, you should know about the effects and benefits of energy bars.

You'll probably be wanting to know whether the connection between marathons and energy bars is really there. Will eating these convenience foods truly impact your performance? Or is it all just a marketing ploy?

Studies have shown that while the connection between performance excellence in marathons and energy bars does in fact exist, it's by no means the best or only way of keeping yourself nourished over the long haul. So what is the connection between excellence in Marathons and Energy Bars?

Marathons and Energy Bars have been obvious bed-fellows ever since the first performance enhancing snack hit the market. And it's true that, provided you read the label and steer clear of snacks that are high in sugar and low in fibre, these convenience foods have been specially formulated to provide a lot of the nutrients you need to perform high endurance sports.

A good performance enhancing snack will generally contain protein for cell repair and growth, carbohydrates to provide energy for endurance, and they are also often fortified by vitamins. All in one convenient little package. If you're going on a long run, walk or cycling tour, these snacks are easy to pack, and can be consumed before, during and after the race in order to maintain energy levels.

However, these snacks are also often very expensive, and by no means the only way to get what you need. Try replacing you store-bought snack with a nutty trail mix, a banana, or some chocolate milk, and you'll find you'll experience the same energy and protein boosting properties, for a fraction of the price.




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