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Executive coaching

Have you heard about executive coaching from your peers or overheard corridor discussion about the latest business coaching ideals that are helping to make achievers in the workplace?

In short, both executive coaching and business coaching services are of real val

ue to certain employees, managers and for self employed company execs. Executive coaching professionals will offer an opportunity for you to reflect on current business issues and, with the right questions, will help you find a direction for you or the business that works using tried and tested techniques.

Very often, executive coaching may involve issues relating to relationships at work, team dynamics, too long hours, or just tips on how to manage managers! The effect that the stresses of work have on the client's personal life is also an area that the client sometimes works on with the coach.

Some companies offer executive coaching to a whole team or board. There is real benefit to enhancing the performance of an entire team all at the same time. This usually takes place individually, but it is also possible to hold sessions for the whole team together. This is particularly useful when the team is focusing on a particular change or new development.

The use of a coach comes into its own when its becomes apparent that there is no clear definition of the goals, targets, vision or anything else that cannot be achieved unless everyone knows exactly what they are aiming for. This type of coach will help focus the client and enable them to identify what is interfering with their success. Work with a coach can help the client to remove barriers and obstacles and achieve their vision.




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