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Types of Pilates

Over the years many different types of pilates based on the original form have been created - which may confuse some of you still.

So we thought we'd help out.As instructors continue to be informed by other disciplines the variety of different types of pilates continues to evolve.

The following is an introduction to some of the most popular types of pilates currently practiced worldwide.

  • Fitness

    • Geared towards athletes
    • Focus on improving strength and stamina

  • Rehabilitation

    • Geared towards those with physical conditions
    • Focus on repairing damage brought about by injury or muscle strain

  • Body Control

    • Geared to anyone wishing to improve mind and body conditioning
    • Focus on mat work exercises that teach movement skills necessary to achieve maximum benefit of the workout

  • Stott

    • Geared to anyone wishing to improve mind and body conditioning. Can be especially beneficial for rehabilitation patients and athletes
    • Focus on preparatory exercises that incorporate modern biomechanical principles, sports medicine, functional anatomy and spinal rehabilitation techniques, to ensure safer practice and performance enhancement.

  • Holistic

    • Geared towards anyone concerned with balancing both the mind and body.
    • Focus on conditioning the mind, body, and spirit, primarily concerned with inner awareness.

By sampling from the variety of approaches currently on the market, you will ensure that you find the one to suit your needs. Do your research. Investigate classes by browsing the Internet, listening to word of mouth, and reading marketing materials. Once you've determined the approach you wish to follow, keep in mind that each trainer will instruct in a different manner, depending upon where they received their certification. Try and error will be the best approach to ensuring satisfaction.




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