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Skin type

When you want to improve your skin type, do you know what cosmetics and skin products to choose to match? It is a vitally important part of the overall process to know which types of product are suitable for your particular complexion and skin type.

In reality, there are as many different skin types as there are people, but if you're trying to select skin products and make-up that's right for you, it's important to have an understanding of the basic groupings for skin types. Therefore, we set up our dedicated skin types section to help you - just choose from the nav on your left to get the basics.

If you know where you fit in to the identified basic skin types, you'll be well on your way to finding a product that's suited to you!

The basic skin types are :

Pale ; Freckled; Olive; & Dark skin.

Each of these skin types have different levels of sensitivity, different aging risks and different reactions to sun exposure, so they must be treated accordingly. If you want to get more specific, each one of these categories can be broken down even further, allowing a more tailored approach to care:

  • Pale can be divided into Celtic and Peaches & Cream. Celtic is extremely pale in colour and is usually found on people with fair or red hair. Peaches & Cream is pale, but contains a more pinky-hue and is usually found on people with blond to brown hair.
  • Freckled is most commonly found on people with very pale, Celtic complexions, but can also be found to a lesser degree on more Peaches & Cream complexions.
  • Olive is more beige than white with yellowish undertones. It is often found on people with Mid-European, Mediterranean, East Asian and Scandinavian backgrounds. Olive people may range from dark blond to black hair colour.
  • Dark encompasses quite a broad spectrum of possible backgrounds. There are different types and degrees of dark. Lighter hues of this complexion are found on people who's ancestry is Indian or Polynesian. Slightly darker are the complexions of people from places like West Africa, Central America and the Indigenous People of North America. The deepest shade of this complexion is found in people who's ancestry is Central African, or Australian Aborigine.

If you can see where you fit into this spectrum, you'll be best able to find cosmetics that will keep you looking your best!



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