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Eye make-up tips

Your eyes are the "windows of the soul." With our eye make-up tips you can check the truth of that saying as well highlighting a great asset!

In general our eyes are the most captivating part of our faces and being endlessly expressive, they are major communicators used in drawing other people to us. With our eye make-up tips, used by both men men and women for hundreds of years, you can see how to emphasise your eyes to the full.

The ancient Egyptian queens and pharaohs used a very basic eye make-up eyeliner called kohl black, to highlight their eyes and make them more startling and impressive. Chinese Geishas used to surround theirs with black liner and red shadow to make them stand out in the painted white of their faces. Modern day movie stars use any number of products achieve that come-hither look. So how can you make the most of baby blues or sparkly greens or warm browns?

There are lots of cosmetics on the market that work to emphasize colour, shape and lashes, and plenty of creams and ointments that make sure the skin in the area is kept in beautiful condition.

The classic eye make-up cosmetics used to emphasise your peepers are as follows:

  • Shadows ~ As many shades and colours as there are in the world around us. Fashions in shadow colours tend to change every season, but any makeup artist can tell you that you're better to find a colour that brings out your unique colouring than you'll be following trends.
  • Liners ~ Usually done in shades of black, grey, brown and sometimes green or blue, liners serve to emphasis the contours of your eyes and make lashes appear denser.
  • Mascaras ~ Mascaras come in shades of black, brown and sometimes blue. There are lots of different mascaras on the market that perform every function from darkening, to lengthening to thickening or separating your lashes.

Modern Day must haves include:

  • Creams ~ The skin surrounding your peepers can get dry and, because it doesn't have much fat under the surface, is prone to puffiness and fine lines. A good cream can reduce the signs or even slow the aging process, as well as providing moisture and reducing puffiness.

Your eyes are a terrific beauty asset. Take care of them and you'll enjoy them for years to come!



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