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Low sugar diet

A slow revolution is taking place. The low sugar diet plan is becoming increasingly popular as we recognise that we consume ever increasing amounts of high sugar foods.

In fact general consensus is that most of us should cut down by half our sugar intake and in doing so we would reduce sugars from over 20% of our total calorie intake, to around 10% or less.

However, while low sugar diet plans make nutritional sense, obviously we do not need to remove entirely from our diet. It is the body's source of energy and we all need plenty of it throughout our lives but it doesn't have to come in the form of a white granules or even sweet treats. Low sugar diet plans should guard against eating empty calories - calories that provide the body with no worthwhile nourishment.

On the whole, older people tend to need less than younger people simply because they expend less energy and any surplus will simply be converted to fat - something none of us want to encourage.

Overeating is a common problem simply because of the pleasant taste and, as often sweet foods are also high in fat, for example pastry, biscuits and ice cream, it can be a double loading. In addition, the calories of carbohydrates from very sweet foods add up more quickly than potatoes, pastas, beans, rice and other carbohydrates because it comes in a more concentrated form.

Food, of course, is only one source. We also need to watch what we drink. Carbonated soft drinks are well known to be heavily loaded but fruit juices and other 'healthier' drinks can also carry hidden baggage. It pays to read labels carefully.

The body is adept at using all kinds of food for energy. The aim should be to keep a constant level in the blood and the best way of avoiding highs and lows is to eat regular, small meals.




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