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Grapefruit diet plan review

In one form or another, the Grapefruit Diet plan has been around for many years, but the results of research carried out in America may go some way to validate its claims. Read our simple review to find out more

Scientists at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego in California reported in January 2004 that the Grapefruit Diet plan might help people who are obese to lose weight. The findings - published in Chemistry and Industry magazine - were based on a three month study of 100 obese people, with an average weight of 218 pounds.

Volunteers were divided to try the Grapefruit diet plan into three groups: one group ate a half portion before each meal three times a day, while another drank a glass of juice before every meal. The third group acted as a control and did not include any in their meals. After 12 weeks, those in the first group an lost an average of 3.6 pounds, and some as much as 10 pounds. The juice drinkers lost an average of 3.3 pounds, while those in the third group lost less than half a pound over the same period.

Apart from weight loss there could be other health benefits, as it would appear that the crucial factor is lowered levels of insulin. This vital hormone allows the body to process sugar and the more efficiently sugar is metabolised, the less likely it is to be stored as fat.

High levels of insulin can stimulate the liver to manufacture fat that can line the walls of arteries. This can cause constriction and hardening of the arteries, which is linked to a higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes. Lowering insulin levels can help diabetics control their condition and protect other people from developing diabetes - a very real danger for anyone who is overweight.




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