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Search through diet plans M to R :

Search for top diet plans if you are looking to lose substantial weight or just shift a few pounds.

At thefitmap.co.uk, we've broken down top diet plans into categories that are easier to handle.

Make sure to start your research before you look to begin your diet plans.Its not all about losing weight, its about losing inches, feeling more confident and stirring up some motivation.

Start with bite size goals, so many people start with massive expectations and become disillusioned very quickly. Work on losing 1-2 pounds a week, bring in some exercise slowly, so giving you and your body a chance to respond.

There are many weight loss methods you can choose from so make sure you find one that you can stick to.

Whether you find that you want to follow the popular Mayo diet or search through the benefits of the Pritikin diet, start right here with thefitmap.co.uk.

. Why not check out our extensive consumer posts in our diet plan section within our Forum, which can be found in the community section of this site so you can learn or give advice to other people who are / have been in your situation.

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