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Detox diets

If you feel you need a body cleanse, then detox diets and detox drugs are readily available. From simple detox programs over a period of a few days through to longer term cleansing routes.

All detox diets share the same end goal of cleansing the body from within, in fact it's also central to the ancient Hindu medical system of ayurveda (from the Sanskrit meaning 'science of life'). In complementary medicine detox diets and detox programs are seen as an important way of ridding the body of harmful toxins believed to build up because of eating too much processed food, smoking, drinking, taking drugs, living in a polluted atmosphere, having too many late nights and enduring too much stress.

It is claimed that a detox diet will increase energy, clear the skin, improve sleep and mental agility, fine tune the immune system as well as helping a slimmer lose weight at the same time as boosting the digestive system.

Food intake is restricted to mainly fruit and vegetables, sometimes eaten raw. Anything containing artificial additives, preservatives, sugar or artificial sweeteners is forbidden and usually wheat, dairy products, salt, alcohol, caffeine, fried foods, and spices are also cut out. In some variations, small amounts of animal protein are allowed - usually in the shape of chicken and/or fish - but in all red meat is banned.

Although some experienced fasters have claimed to have stuck to such a rigid eating plan for a month or more, it is really are intended to be very short term fast, lasting for no more than week at most but very often just for 24 hours. Any longer would require expert advice, even for people in good health with no known medical complaints. Most doctors are wary of attributing any long lasting benefits and some warn that it could be harmful as such severe eating restrictions can rob the body of vital nutrients. Any weight lost achieved it is argued, consists of fluid and possibly muscle tissue rather than fat and is quickly put back on when normal eating resumes.



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