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Progain weight gain

Have trouble putting on muscle mass? Progain weight gain from Maximuscle is the product for you. It's a high quality weight gaining drink that is packed with a good source of protein along with a high number of calories that are essential if you hope to develop lean muscle mass tissue.

One big advantage that Maximuscle's Progain weight gain offers over other weight gainers is that the carbohydrates contained in it are not all simple sugars. Rather, you get a special low Glycemic carbohydrate called Oligofructose (nutriose), which will help to control the insulin response you get when you take this product.

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This is very important when it comes to making sure the gains you see are solid muscle gains rather than fat gains because when too much insulin is released by the body, in conjunction with being in a caloric surplus, fat gain can result.

When you take one serving of Progain, you'll receive 32 grams of the same high quality protein that is used in their Promax protein product, as well as also getting a healthy does of fats in the form of EFA's, and those special carbohydrate molecules. This altogether makes this one of the best meal replacement products you could choose.

It also mixes easily with water so you won't have to worry about being home to blend it up and contains no lactose or fructose, so those who have sensitivities to either of these things will not need to worry either.

In two scoops, which is the recommended serving size, you'll get 453 calories total, which makes this a very simple addition to your diet that would predict about a pound of weight gain per week. You wouldn't even need to worry about changing anything else, just add a serving of this and you should start seeing results shortly.

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