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Creatamax extreme

One of the popular products amongst the serious weight lifters out there, Creatamax Extreme is going to help make your time in the gym that much more productive. Creatamax Extreme works because it helps to replenish the ATP stores in the body, therefore, allowing you to do more muscular work each session you perform.

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Since one of the keys to building new muscle tissue is being able to give maximal effort in your workouts, any product that does this will be highly beneficial. Additionally, Creatamax Extreme will also help to improve your recovery rate, so that once you are finished giving all your effort in a hard session at the gym, you can get right back in their sooner.

As you know, if you push yourself too hard and are not fully recovered, you will only start to go backwards in terms of progress. Any way that you can help to speed up the recovery rate will be of huge benefit because muscles respond best to higher frequencies.

Furthermore, this product also contains dextrose, which is known to help the body uptake the creatine into the cells, enabling it to work faster, therefore making this product that much more beneficial.

With each serving you take, you'll receive 10 grams of creatine, 10 grams of glutamine, 1000 mg of Bicarbonates, 2000 mg of Glycine and GAA, as well as magnesium, which will help regulate muscle contraction rates.

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